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Lower Limbs, before and after pictures, Dubai Aesthetica, Professor Ashok Govila

lower limb, dubai aesthetica

Professor Dr. Ashok Govila, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dubai
Before and After Photos and Information about Lower Limbs, Plastic Surgery, Dubai

Reconstrutive Plastic Surgery for lower extremites Reconstructions in Lower Extremites are called for after loss of tissue either by trauma (including burn trauma) or by surgical removal of tumors including cancers. The methods of reconstruction include simple skin grafting, using tissue from the surroundings called local flaps ( single stage surgery, Using tissue from the same region called regional flaps(multistage surgery) or tissue from distant parts of body called distant flaps (multistage surgery) or microsurgical free tissue transfer (free flap – single stage surgery).

Lower Limbs, before and after ...
Lower Limbs, before and after ...
Lower Limbs, before and after ...

Charity begins at home………………
We have arrangements to surgically treat for free any congenital or acquired plastic surgery problems like
congenital facial or hand deformities, some rare syndromes, major post burns sequele , post trauma (crush injuries)
sequele, from any country around the globe if the parents of the child are poor and cannot afford to pay the hospital
bills. Our team will arrange for all hospital expenses including my professional fees.

Professor Dr. Ashok Govila invented a new technique of reconstruction called extracorporeal tissue transfer.
Some pages of his book on this subject titled ALTERNATIVE FREEE FLAPS can be seen on the home page of this site.
In this method an island flap is harvested on a long vascular pedicle and the vessels remain undivided since there
is a risk of anastomosis getting blocked with blood clot. The flap is moved to the site of reconstruction by brings
the donor and the recipient part closer for 10 days. When the transferred tissue heals that normally takes 10 days
then the vessels are divided and the parts of body freed. Now the transferred tissue is living on the blood supply
that it has re-established herself from the recipient bed and this will improve in next 6 months.Seveal examples
of this techique are given as pictures on this page.

Professor Ashok performs all these methods and cost of surgery depends upon the stages of surgery required,
duration of each surgery, and duration of hospitalization.

Where will the surgery be performed? I operate in several internationally accredited hospitals in Dubai like
Medcare Hospital near Safa Park, like Welcare Hospital , Jebel Ali Hospital and City Hospital.
Each Hospital has different level of facilities and expertise at various levels like anesthesia and nursing.
Each hospital has different rates for each activity. Therefore the total package deal will also depend upon which
hospital the patient wants me to operate. I do no surgery in outpatient clinics.

Where will you see me for first consultation?

I will see you at my clinic in JBR/Dubai Marina area called Life Line Medical centre located in Mesonan floor of
Al Fattan Marine Tower 2 close to MoveNpick Hotel. Please check the location map on the home page "contact us".

Is there a consultation charge or is it free ?

The first consultation is charged 500 AED (140 $) dirham but its refunded at the time of surgery.
Further consultations for the same problem are fee and follow-ups after surgery are free.

How Can I book a date for surgery staying outside Dubai and without consultation?

Yes it's possible provided you have sent detailed information about yourself along with pictures of the given
problem to Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila. And once a package deal has been agreed upon the professional fees that is
50 % of the package deal is to be sent by money transfer of some kind to book a date for surgery. Money can be
transferred dirtily to the Bank account of Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila, or by western Union Money transfer or using
any other exchange facility. If there is enough time between the decision making and date for surgery and which
means enough time for the clearance of the chaque then a chaque can be sent by courier service. The details of
these methods can be directly communicated on emails (contact) to Professor Ashok.

Are any finances available for Medical purposes of this kind?

Yes, 100 % finance is made available to resident visa holders of United Arab Emirates on 1 % interest rates.
Such arrangements can not avail any discounts even if there are more them 2 surgeries performed at one time.

Can I avail some kind of discount

Yes there is a method to avail discount. If you go for two surgical procedures one of them will be performed on
30% discount. Similarly if you come with your friend and both of them go for some surgical procedure both of
them are entitled for 20 % discount.If you are a memeber of Emirates Piolet club or Ethihad Air line you can
avail 20 % discount.

Are there any payments plans like intallments. Yes there are .One can pay 50 % payment by cash or card and rest
as monthly intalments ( post dated cheques




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