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Reviews for Dr Ashok Govila

" I emailed Dr Ashok and told him I was worried that I didn't know how my breasts looked (we are in email contact regularly) and he said that I should go to the mirror and have a look so I nervously did and unclipped my compression wow wow, they are everything I wanted them to be, natural, beautiful, pert and all mine! I can't believe they belong to me! Dr Ashok really is a very special surgeon, he takes so much pride in his Clients, I felt like he treated me as one of his Family, he cares so much. I've cried with happiness several times over the past few days. I was so self-conscious about my vagina's appearance and I feel like finally, I can be comfortable with myself. My Beautiful breasts and a better profile are a wonderful added bonus! "




No pain, lots of gain


It's been 6 months since I had my rhinoplasty...


I Am So Lucky to Have Found Dr. Govila.


I had a great experience with Dr. Ashok


I had an Amazing Experience


I want to thank doctor ashok for a life changing experience


I was looking for specific surgery technique to remove breast implants


A True Kind Hearted Professional


I travelled from the UK to Dubai for treatment with Dr Ashok Govila


39 Years old, 5'2, 126lbs - naturally 30DD - Breast Augmentation and Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Booked!


27 Year Old - Dubai, AE


Breast Augmentation with Dr. ASHOK


My surgery with Dr. Ashok turned out better than i could have ever imagined


Great Experience with Dr Govila


44 Year Old Male and Needed a Full Abdominoplasty to Give Me a Better Shape and Make Me Look Good.


Feeling more self confident after my Tummy Tuck


Lost All Tummy Fat, Thanks to Doctor Ashok Govilla.


My breast become beautifull thanks to dr. Ashok Govila


26 Years Old, Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty and Labiaplasty


Male Rhinoplasty, Mid-30s Male - Wish I Did It Sooner!


Incredible Experience - Dubai, AE


Amazing Results! - Dubai, UAE

40 Years Old with 3 Children - Dubai, AE
Was really nervous, But had an amazing experience
Breast Implants - Dubai, AE
30 Years, No Kids, Wanted It Since 10 Years Ago, Finally Got It Done - Dubai, AE
46 Year Old Single Mom of One
New Nose at 30! - Dubai, AE
Young Mid 30 Done Labiaplasty - Dubai, AE
A Very Happy Customer - Dubai, AE
42 Yrs Female. Dubai. AE
Lipo Suction, Mini Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, Done Perfectly , Worth It - Dubai, AE
A Very Happy Customer - Dubai, AE
27 Year Old - Dubai, AE
Otoplasty - Quick and Painless; Perfect Result! - Abu Dhabi, AE
41 Year Mother of 3 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fantastic Nose Job !! Dubai, AE
Revision Rhinoplasty. . Taking the Risk Again - Dubai, AE
Finaly Had BA After Many Years of Searchig for a Doctor ! Dubai, AE
41 Years Old, Long Awaited Breast Reduction - Dubai, AE
"Blessed Hands" - Dubai, AE
36 Years Old, 6 Kids - Dubai, AE
28 Years, Married, No Kids. Dubai, AE
24 Year Old Fat Transfer Breast - Dubai, AE

Full Abs Lipo with Dr Ashok....very Happy Patient. Dubai, AE

23 YO 350cc Silicon Mentor Under Muscle - Dubai
Breast Reduction - Dubai, AE
I had a breast reduction and lift two days ago...
31 Years Old with Dream Boobs at Last - Dubai, AE
Prof Dr Ashok Govila Plastic Surgery Clinic Dubai
(Good doctor - Good doctor with lots of experience.)
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Professor Ashok Govila (20 Reviews)
Chin Liposuction - Dubai, AE
15 Year Old Who Really Needed a Breast Reduction - Dubai, UAE
A True Professional - Dubai, UAE
Reviews for Professor Ashok Govila at Visit and Care
Very Smooth and Satisfying Process - Dubai, AE

If You Need an Experienced Surgeon Who Provides Excellent Results, Visit Dr Ashok - Dubai, AE
I went to see Dr Ashok for a Gynecomastia surgery....

Incredible Experience - Dubai, AE
My experience with my Tummy Tuck was better than I had imagined.

Amazing Results! - Dubai, UAE


Rhinoplasty - Dubai, AE

Inner & Outer Thighs & Knees Liposuction -Dubai
Pert Boobs Courtesy of Dr Ashok Govila - Abu Dhabi
Breast Reconstruction: Stories
Very Happy, Dr Ashok Surpased All Expectations. - Dubai, UAE

“Breast Augmentation Experience with Dr. Ashok Govilla (Dubai)”

Rhinoplasty Revision - Dubai, AE

“Superb Dubai Based Surgeon: Revision Rhinoplasty- Dubai, UAE”
“Most Beautiful Breast Implant Revision by True Professional Surgeon in Dubai, UAE”
“Amazing Results Beyond my Expectations - Dubai, United Arab Emirates”
“Breast Lift with Implant & Tummy Tuck, Over the Moon with the Results, I Feel and Look Great - Would Highly Recommend - UAE”
“Breast Lift with Implant & Tummy Tuck, Over the Moon with the Results, I Feel and Look Great - Would Highly Recommend - UAE”

“Perfect Lip Implant Done by Superior Dubai Based Surgeon. Thumbs Up!”

Reviews for Professor Ashok Govila Dubai , United Arab Emirates